Meet our Team

Natalya Kochak:

Owner/ South Florida:

A native New Yorker and graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Natalya Kochak delivers in her work a strong yet empathetic approach to humanity in her figurative art. Her childhood was characterized by movement and relocation throughout the United States, and her adult life has seen equal visits abroad. These experiences have trained Natalya’s eye and hand to skillfully recognize and capture elements of personal, social, and cultural dramas, from the obtuse to the all but hidden.

Natalya has worked as an Artist in Residence in Berlin and Beijing. Additionally, she received a Kickstarter grant in 2011 for a public works project and the teaching of western artistic methods in Uganda. Now, a resident of Miami, Natalya continues in her practice, a synthesis of painting, mixed media, and printmaking, to explore the patterns of contemporary culture and the subsequent



Joslyn Doerge:

Roaring Fork Valley:

Joslyn was born and raised in the city of Chicago, where early on she developed a fascination of the creative arts. In high school she won several awards for her art including The Congressional Art Award and has had work hung in the halls of Congress. She attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) where she focused on scientific illustration. She was granted an independent study by the Field Museum of Chicago.

While attending SAIC, she was accepted to study at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in their advanced painting program. When she graduated her BFA show was featured in “Top Pick’s” (5 out of 300) section of The Art Institute of Chicago’s Magazine.

Since graduating Joslyn has displayed her work in art openings around the world in countries such as the United States, Australia and New Zealand. She has had solo art shows in Chicago, Telluride and San Francisco. She has been featured in Telluride Style and The Art Institute of Chicago Magazine. She currently lives in Snowmass Colorado where she continues to show and hone her skills as an artist.



Angela Effenberger:

Austin to San Antonio:

Angela Effenberger is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where she discovered her love for collaborating with fellow decorative artists and painters. Since then she has flourished in the decorative painting industry for over 15 years, working with artists and clients in hundreds of residential and commercial spaces in Austin and surrounding cities including San Antonio, Houston and the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Her favorite part about her work is the creative collaboration between herself and her clients, giving them a voice to express their vision with a unique, one-of-a-kind finish.